About this Blog

I would like to publish this blog once or twice a month  once a week (See my post on Blogging) as I run across ideas I think would be relevant to eTechSuccess and my colleagues on the web. 

I use a number of web applications to present myself professionally. Besides this blog,
there is the eTechSuccess Website, my LinkedIn profile, and as you see on the right, my Twitter stream.

I experiment with other environments such as Google Wave and Second Life.

Most of the time a blog post will have something to do with one of the main themes associated with my company:
  • Wireless
  • Web2.0
  • Software Engineering (particularly Agile Development)
I also have a couple of series:
A mobile device dilemma - This deals with my personal struggle to find the perfect smartphone for myself and my family.
Patterns of Success - A series of interviews with leaders in various technical endeavors who share some insights on what common practices they have seen lead to success or to failure.

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