Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patterns of Success

One of the things I have discovered about emerging technologies is that while the technology may emerge and then become mature, and finally be retired, there are some practices of applying the technology that remain constant over time and between emergent technologies. These Patterns of Success are important lessons for developers to learn and for organizations to make part of their DNA.
Over the next several months I intend to explore these Patterns of Success. As a first step I am going to speak with some of the key thought leaders of the technical fields in which eTechSuccess participates. In each of the interviews I am going to ask:

  • What are the Patterns of Success you have seen?
  • Give some examples of Failures to Launch... where a customer/client has attempted one of the emerging technologies and failed... what were the root causes.
  • Finally, in your area of expertise, tell us the NEXT BIG THING... something that will be changing the market in about three years. 

I wanted to capture what these experts thought about both the success and the failures that they have seen because we do learn a lot from our mistakes and that is one of the Patterns of Success.

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