Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mobile blogging at NCT4G

This is an experiment in creating a blog via my Android device. I am sitting in a quiet corner waiting to present at the North Carolina Technology 4 Good conference. Jim Ray and I will be talking about cloud computing. The presentation itself is an experiment since I used Google Sites to create and share the content. I tried to use the Google Docs presenter but it was too limited in how it could display stuff (e.g. I want to click on a logo and jump to a url).
So this conference has a lot of talks on using the web to support a non-profit organization. For example, Jeff Stern spoke on how social media is being used at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.
Well, back to mobile blogging...
Not sure if it is a great fit for me and my HTC Inspire. The version I am using to compose this does not have all the easy widgets and composition editing I have on my laptop. PLUS I am still slow using the soft keyboard, so this is taking longer then I like. I will need to go back later to add links.
I don't want to use this to create simple status updates... that's why I have Twitter.

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