Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my Social Network

I am a sucker for visualization of data through graphs.
For example, IBM has many eyes which allows you to see data in many different ways AND it has a gallery of what others have done.
But I just got invited to build a graph of my LinkedIn social network.

This is so cool.
It derives clusters of associated people (in my case I have eight) and then asked me to figure out some semantic label for a cluster. As you can see from my graph I have a lot of associations with people I used to work with at IBM in different business units. Some of these people are still active in IBM and many are working elsewhere. I also have a cluster for my xYourdon colleagues, and current IEEE work. The odd ball is the" Raleigh various" category based on my belonging to several associations where networking is a primary purpose of the association. So everyone is connected to everyone else.

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