Thursday, December 3, 2009

a mobile device dilemma

The exclusive deals that device manufacturers are making with service providers will ultimately cause a family crisis for me.
Today my family of three is using an AT&T unlimited family plan. On that plan we have three devices:

  • Blackberry Bold - me
  • iPhone 3GS - wife
  • iPhone - daughter

I picked the Blackberry last year when my old one died. It was not my ideal choice. I really wanted to jump on the Android bandwagon. I am an avid Google user and wanted to have a state-of-the-art experience of integration. Alas, I did not do so at the time because:
1. AT&T did not have an Android device (I suspect they may never have one).
2. The T-mobile HTC G1 was not a game changing device

However, at that time my wife/daughter were using dumber devices mainly with voice/texting capabilities and I probably could have migrated the family over to T-mobile.

BUT since I got my Blackberry (which has OK Google apps), my wife/daughter became iFans. At this point, I would have to pry the iPhone from my wife's cold dead hand.

So you see my dilemma. At some point there will be this wonderful, amazing device (like an HTC HD2 running Android 3.x) on a service provider like Verizon and I will either have to ignore it, convince my family to abandon their iPhones, or split the family unit into separate accounts ($$$).

I had hopes that Google's push for an open network would have worked out. Being able to purchase any device and activate on any network (radio compatibility assumed) would make this little family crisis in the making disappear.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not that attached to my iphone. Really, I mean really, I definitely mean really, I mean absolutely really.

    If there is a better device at some point, I would jump ship in a minute.

    Your loving wife.